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Concrete jewel-box home rises in the woods of Buenos Aires

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With generous indoor-outdoor space

Buenos Aires-based architect Luciano Kruk has a thing or two (or three) about concrete homes. His latest is a brutalist-inspired summer retreat located in the woods of coastal resort town Mar Azul called Casa H3 whose cubic volumes appear stacked on top of one another.

Designed as a holiday home for three sisters and their respective families, the rough-hewn concrete-and-glass structure creates distinct zones for private living, socializing, and entertaining, with an open-plan kitchen, dining room, and living area occupying the ground floor, and two bedrooms and a shared bathroom on the second.

Floor-to-ceiling windows figure on both levels, establishing a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor, while the concrete walls, imprinted with the horizontal marks of the wooden framework, further the home’s connection to its wooded surroundings.

Built-in furnishings such as benches, shelving, and counters eliminate the need for extraneous furniture, unifying the minimalist residence as a complete, contained structure. Head on over to Dezeen for the full story.