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Plan your next outdoor adventure with this new road trip anthology

Out now from Gestalten

If you’ve ever considered embarking on a road trip for your next vacation (or permanently) but weren’t quite ready to pack into a vehicle and just drive off into the wild, perhaps this anthology titled Off the Road will provide further inspiration.

Released in December by Berlin-based publisher Gestalten, the full-color, hardcover volume charts the outdoor adventures of various travelers and their trusty vehicular companions, whether Jeep, station wagon, RV, or 4x4 off-roader.

Taking us from the open highways of the United States to the roads less traveled in Argentina, Scandinavia, the Balkans, Cape Town, and the Gobi desert, this collection of photography, sample itineraries, and technical information offers up a basic road map for setting off on your own—or at least a chance to daydream. Kickstart your wanderlust by peeking the photos below, then head on over to Yatzer for more.