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Danish midcentury modern with white brick walls asks $480K

It was designed in 1961 by Knud Joos

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Location: Skagen, Denmark

Price: 3,200,000 Kr (or approximately $480,000)

This 1961 house in Skagen, Denmark is as midcentury modern as they come. It was designed by Knud Joos, a Danish architect and designer best known for his minimalist table designs, who was part of Vilhelm Wohlert’s studio, the architect behind Denmark’s most famous museum, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Set on three hectares of land (or approximately 7.4 acres), this 150-square-meter (1,614 square feet), compact three-bedroom spreads out on a T-shaped single level and features a flat roof, patterned white brick walls, and two completely glazed living areas. An additional family room and what is called a "technical room" round out the space. The floors are laid in brick and wood, while exposed beams run along the ceiling.

The property also includes a terrace, a carport clad in a black wood screen, garage with a built-in sauna, small guest house, and wide open outdoor space—perfect for erecting your very own sculpture garden. It’s asking 3,200,000 Kr, or approximately $480,000. Take a look.