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Tokyo’s neon-drenched cityscapes celebrated in new photo series

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Hot pinks, blues, and yellows take center stage

Tokyo has earned a serious rep among city lovers for its dense streetscapes, charmingly thick with neon signage, and high-octane colors. In a new series of photos that capture the Japanese capital at night, Belgium-based lensman Xavier Portela documents and, in post-production, heightens this color palette, crafting works that cross anime and documentarian sensibilities.

It’s not the first photo series we’ve featured of late that highlights the beauty of the world’s dense urban centers, including their sidewalks, transit systems, and their profiles from the air. Montreal photographer Chris M. Forsyth, known for his shots of the Canadian city’s metro, expanded his operation to Stockholm, Berlin, and Munich, telling us that he wanted to encourage folks to celebrate beauty in unlikely places. Hong Kong, Chicago, parts of Lebanon, and New York City have also each been the focus of lens or two.

You can take a look at a few additional photos in Portela’s Tokyo series below and see more over at Designboom.