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Eclectic Vermont castle is perfect for the modern Merlin

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For the modern non-wizard...maybe not quite as much

This property, called Grahall Estate, is located atop Hawk Mountain in Cavendish, Vermont. It is on the market for $4.3 million and, frankly, it’s pretty bizarre. The residence, which was described in an old listing as a "modern, Scottish mountain-top castle," is made largely out of granite that was quarried directly from the property.

Grahall was last listed in 2013 with an asking price of $2.7 million. It is not clear if it sold that time around, or what led to the price being nearly doubled in just three years. According to the listing it "has a very successful track record as a corporate retreat and rental property" (circa 2013, it was asking $11,000 per month as a vacation rental). And while the architecture and interior decorating is, at best... offbeat, the surrounding land is unimpeachably beautiful. It’s also a 20 minute drive from Okemo Mountain Resort, if skiing is your thing.

1599 Cavendish Gulf Road, Cavendish,VT , 05142 [Estately]

Bizarre Vermont Castle Near Ski Slopes Costs $2.7 Million [Curbed Ski]