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Some guy is trying to crowdfund $75M to buy Tom Ford’s ranch

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If this is a joke, it’s an extremely dry one

Tom Ford’s Tadao Ando-designed ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which the famous fashion designer just put on the market for $75 million, has already inspired some extreme reactions as it has made its way around the internet — the general trend seems to be: either you despise it or you curse yourself for not having $75 million so that you can buy it right now.

One man has taken the latter reaction a step further, however, and has decided to raise $75,660,000 on Indiegogo to buy the ranch himself. (The extra $660,000 is to pay the staff.) In what does not, at least outwardly, appear to be a joke, Ben Gold writes that for "the first time ever, we're taking a multi-tens-of-milllions-of-dollars property and breaking down the purchase by making it accessible to a lot of people in vacation-sized chunks."

There is but one perk that comes with funding that campaign: for $97,000, you can buy a one week’s stay at the ranch. By Gold’s own logic he will only have to book 780-weeks, or slightly over fifteen years, worth of stays to buy the property. So far, zero people have contributed, but he’s got a month left to go.

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