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Custom tiny house goes on 20-city tour to talk home improvement

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#TinyLab may be coming to a city near you

As it turns out, there’s more than one tiny house tour going around the country at the moment, because that’s just the state of the movement now. In April, Florida home performance expert Corbett Lunsford and his wife Grace put the finishing touches on their tiny home, a 200-square-foot house on wheels with a sloping roofline and custom interiors (note the rad "dining loft," computer station, and shiny farmhouse sink.) Though the dwelling was completed on their parents’ backyard, this one was meant for the road.

In the time since, the Lunsfords have taken the tiny house to Baltimore, Atlantic City, Washington, D.C., New York City, Cincinnati, and more, with at least nine more major cities (Chicago! Dallas! San Francisco!) on the itinerary before the end of January 2017. What’s all this for? Something the couple is calling the "Proof is Possible Tour," a cross-country journey to educate contractors, homeowners, and real estate professionals about how scientific testing—that is, diagnostic tests for home performance measures like energy efficiency—can prove that home improvements (and new constructions) actually work well. The tour, crowdfunded and supported by various building industry manufacturers, suppliers, and organizations, offers open houses and hands-on workshops at each location.

The home base for all the tour happenings, of course, is the Lunsfords’ tiny house, which has been named #TinyLab for its demonstrative role in the whole undertaking. And it’s pretty high-performance itself. The home only uses formaldehyde-free materials, exceeds all building codes in the U.S., and comes equipped with tools to track VOC levels, airflow and humidity, moisture level inside walls, and more. Below, a closer look at #TinyLab and head here for details on the tour.