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Muscular concrete bridges of Seoul celebrated in new photo series

We love these

Infrastructure photography is having quite a week: On Monday, we wrote about the work of Montreal-based lensman Chris M. Forsyth, whose latest works, snaps of the metro in Stockholm, Berlin, and Munich, capture the unlikely beauty of the systems’ stations.

Now come these haunting shots by photographer Manuel Alvarez Diestro, whose new, 27-photo series, Seoul Bridges, focuses on the undersides of the South Korean capital’s muscular spans. Though bridges are largely known for where they meet the air—think of the world’s most iconic such structures and you’re likely thinking about the sweeping suspension cables of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City or the gleaming piers of the Golden Gate Bridge—each bridge in Diestro’s series has a distinct personality where they meet the water, too.

Take a look at a few highlights from the series below and see more over at Designboom. Jonesing for even more architectural photography? You can see all of Curbed’s photography coverage here.