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New coloring book celebrates National Park Service's 100th birthday

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You can color in all 59 national parks

Here’s a little Friday morning treat to get you revved for the weekend. Combining two delightful American pastimes into one neat package—that would be visiting national parks and coloring (the latter is a more recent development for adults, but still)—is this sweet coloring book from award-winning, Tennessee-based graphic design studio Anderson Design Group.

To honor the National Park Service’s centennial—coming up in a just a couple of weeks on August 25—the Anderson Group spent the last six years creating a complete series of beautiful and classical graphic posters for each of the United States’ 59 national parks. They’ve now released a companion to these prints in the form of a 72-page coloring book titled 59 Illustrated National Parks Coloring Book that features the original designs but redrawn by hand for maximum coloring effect. All 59 parks are included, plus five bonus pages of popular indigenous fauna. And in case you need a little a color inspiration, the book also includes eight full-color references.