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Video: Frida Kahlo’s Mexico City home in all its object-filled glory

No KonMari here

Artists are known to have fascinating homes, and La Casa Azul, the cobalt-blue Mexico City house where famous artist Frida Kahlo spent much of her life, is among the most intriguing of them all. Originally built by Kahlo’s father, the Blue House is now the Frida Kahlo Museum, which preserves the artworks, photographs, memorabilia, and other personal items that enlivened her time there.

All these objects, as Kahlo’s biographer Hayden Herrera suggests in this enlightening new tour of the house, still make her presence felt. Herrera especially calls out the vast collection of folk artifacts decorating the home, which she says was a reflection of Kahlo’s "sympathy for the people of Mexico." While the innards are almost all Kahlo, you do get a sense of her husband, artist Diego Rivera, in the courtyard, where he had erected stepped pyramid, fountain, and reflection pool.

Want more Frida? Here are 10 rare photos of the artist at the Blue House in the last few years of her life.