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Revamp creates open, minimalist apartment with bold black accents

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A sleek, bright home in Tel Aviv

For those tiring of the all-white or monochromatic interior trend, here’s a simple but effective solution for adding a little depth and boldness to a space. Israeli interior designer Maayan Zusman and architect Amir Navon, who installed hidden storage in paneled walls in a previous renovation, added black frames and outlines to an otherwise minimalist, neutral-hued apartment in Tel Aviv, making different areas of the home pop.

Overhauling what was once a rundown apartment, the collaborators, from Israeli design school 6B Studio, opened up the 95-square-meter (just over 1,000-square-feet) two-bedroom and furnished it with "delicate" furnishings for maximum airiness. The dining and kitchen area is defined by a wall of Belgian windows that opens out onto a balcony, and the adjacent living room also features a glazed wall. What demarcates the two spaces are the black frames of the two sets of windows, while a black pole that doubles as a TV stand adds even more separation.

In the two ensuite bathrooms, a black metal frame holds the sink, black grout makes an appearance in the otherwise white-tiled shower, and sliding doors differentiate the space from the bedroom. Throughout the residence, bespoke cabinetry and in-wall units provide storage and conceal appliances like the refrigerator. Although the sleek, open spaces of the apartment run the risk of blending into one another, the hard black lines create graphic delineations. Take a look below, and read more about the project on Dezeen.