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Sculptural frame makes real objects move in slow motion

Finally, a picture frame that allows you to control time

This picture frame by artist and robotiscist Jeff Lieberman uses an electromagnetic mechanism to make lightweight objects such as feathers or leaves vibrate at a high speed that, combined with blinking LED lights, create the illusion that they are moving in slow motion. And if Picture Frame That Makes Actual Feathers Move In Slow Motion is not a thing you’ve ever considered having in your home before, that’s probably only because you didn’t realize that one could potentially exist.

Lieberman’s Kickstarter campaign for the product, called Slow Dance, has quickly made it nearly halfway to its $70,000 goal, and all of the "early bird" frames — priced at $199 — are already sold out. A limited number of "brunch bird" ones are still available at $219, however, after which the price jumps up to $249.

Lieberman, who was also the host of the Discovery Channel show Time Warp, has created several other works of art that are well worth checking out, and can be seen in the Kickstarter promo video.

Slow Dance – A Frame that Slows Down Time [Kickstarter, via Gizmodo]