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Modern floating home lets you dive from bed to lake

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Seattle’s latest aquatic stunner

Surrounded by scenic bodies of water, Seattle has a vibrant history of floating homes, ranging from the quirky to the prefab. This striking modern rendition, docked on the shore of Lake Union, hopes to continue that tradition.

Recently completed by by local firm Vandeventer + Carlander Architects, the two-story abode embraces wooden slats as shading on the exterior and accented ceiling on the interior. It also features a reversed program, wherein the main living spaces are on the upper level and the bedrooms are downstairs. With this setup, the living room, kitchen, and dining areas enjoy fantastic natural light and views, while the lower-level bedrooms gets more privacy.

That’s not to say the first floor is overly shut in. In fact, the bedrooms have direct access to the water. Step out of bed and right into the lake? Pretty rad!