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Stay in this meticulously refurbished and furnished Georgian townhouse in London

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Designed by the team behind design boutique Hostem

Many of us have daydreamed about shacking up in a British country home on a peaceful holiday, but have you ever considered staying in a historic house in London Town? If not, perhaps this meticulously-preserved Georgian townhouse in east London’s Myrdle Street conservation area will have you booking the next flight to Heathrow.

Built in 1797 and painstakingly refurbished (and decorated) by the duo behind London design boutique Hostem, the 2,851-square-foot, four-story house, called the New Road Residence, features a wealth of original architectural details over a three-bedroom open-plan space including working fireplaces, glass-roofed summer house, bay windows, exquisite molding, and rustic hardwood floors.

The home accommodates up to six guests and is intended to be a retreat where a chance for reflection is one of its key principles. As such, television is "decidedly absent," though Wi-Fi and an expansive collection of classic and contemporary literature are available.

The wisteria-clad townhouse also comes dressed to the nines, with furniture by Pierre Jeanneret and Faye Toogood, and artwork by Tory Thornton, Mark Flood, Richard Tuttle, and Paul Lee figuring throughout the home. Requiring no minimum stay, rates begin at £1,200 per day and £7,000 a week (approximately $1,546 and $9,000, respectively). It is available to book here.