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Victorian warehouse turned apartment is surprisingly cozy

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Featuring original brick walls and timber beams

Converted warehouse home with brick interiors
This is one of the nine new apartments created from the warehouse
All photos by Mariell Lind Hansen via Dezeen

While we’re no strangers to rad converted warehouses, it’s not often there’s one as cozy and intimate as this project in a Victorian building in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood. One of 16 new apartments local firm Emil Eve Architects created from the historic complex, the loft apartment seamlessly melds original details like exposed brick and beams with contemporary tiling, lighting, and appliances.

The two-bedroom apartment features an open-plan layout, with a kitchen and dining area on one side, and a living area surrounded by floor-to-ceiling oak bookshelves on the other. As if designed for a couple who works from home, there is a workspace on each side, both under large, steel-framed windows. Take a closer look, below.