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Anyone looking for an Ontario house with a nice nuclear bunker?

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Survive the apocalypse in style

There are lots of houses out there with hardwood floors, and fireplaces, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. And there are lots of houses in the $1.5 - $1.75 million price range. And there are lots of houses, presumably, in Ontario, Canada. But how many of those houses also have a huge bunker for an entire municipal government to hide in when the nuclear wars start?

Probably just this one.

The bunker under the now-restored 1875 farmhouse was constructed in the 1960s, after the Cuban Missile Crisis. According to The Star, the city of Toronto discreetly bought the home in 1962 "to serve as a control centre to house Toronto politicians and emergency personnel in the event of a nuclear attack." That means that this nuclear bunker is equipped with all the latest 1960s technology, such as a large blackboard where you can write down who is dead.

Don’t get too excited, though, about your ability to survive nuclear war once you own this house. The bunker was mainly intended as a base of operations, and would "would never withstand a direct hit," according to the current owner.

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