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Dashing tiny houses from France will set you back $50K

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Nicely done

Lest you thought the tiny house phenomenon is only an American thing, these adorable models from France are here to prove you wrong. Designed and built by Baluchon, based near Nantes in Western France, these tiny houses sport a pitched roof and sit on wheels per usual, but a closer look reveals some appealing details.

Shown here are Baluchon’s two newest designs: the Odyssey (above), priced at about $49,000 fully furnished, and the Escapade (farther down the page), priced at roughly $48,000 fully furnished. The 220-square-foot Odyssey features a small, sheltered porch at the front entrance, rounded counters, a built-in folding oak table, small window that opens right over the kitchen, and mezzanine "living room."

The 185-square-foot Escapade offers a compact lounge area separated from the kitchen and bathroom to the back, while stairs lead to a well-lit lofted bed. What say you, Curbed readers? Impressed ou non?