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Could this simple concrete building be a model for communal urban living?

It was created for a group of 10 female residents in a densely populated area in Seoul

Though this asymmetric concrete structure may appear severe from the outside, it provides comfortable, communal living for a group of 10 female residents. Located in a densely populated area in Seoul, South Korea, the tall, trapezoidal-esque building rises high above the lower-profiled traditional homes surrounding it and offers spacious common spaces in the upper levels, while private rooms comprise the lower levels.

Designed by local firm JYA-rchitects, the five-story, 10-bedroom Sillim Dong, or Share House, maximizes opportunities for living and socializing by arranging rooms around a central staircase, eliminating corridors, and taking advantage of the high-pitched roof. It also provides the residents with amenities they would not have been able to afford otherwise.

These comforts include a high-ceilinged kitchen with ample storage, a proper dining area, a lofted lounge, a living room, and individual rooms with built-in closets and shelves. Bathrooms are shared on each floor. Could this simple, dorm-like structure be a model for urban living? Take a look below and see for yourself.