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Modern beach house opens to the sea on all sides

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Amazing sunsets ahead

A breathtaking seascape and dramatically open interiors combine to form this next-level beach house, where the architecture seems to exist solely to admire the surroundings. Designed by South African firm Elphick Proome Architects, the practically open-air abode boasts 360-degree views—made possible by frameless sliding glass doors and hardwood slat shutters that open hydraulically. Even the hull-shaped roof was designed to provide views of more distant mountains.

There are no permanent interior partitions, only sliding ash doors that can create a large open space during the day and more intimate sleeping quarters at night. The main living area in the center, which steps down to a deck and pool, has a long kitchen countertop, whole wall of cabinetry, and picnic-bench style dining table. On either side are a master suite that bares all and a series of three identical bedroom, each with its own bathroom.