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Chic brick holiday home takes its cues from Midcentury design

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But a central steel-and-concrete terrace makes it contemporary

This sprawling modernist brick house in Zapopan, Guadalajara, Mexico is made up of several volumes whose silhouettes resemble the lines of certain midcentury modern-era homes (like this one). A flat, low-slung roof, warm wooden accents, and an intersecting wall contribute to the midcentury vibe, but what makes this decidedly contemporary is its incorporation of steel beams that act as platforms and literal connectors between the home’s sections.

Designed by Delfino Lozano and dubbed Casa G, the holiday retreat is set onto a long, sloping lot, whose topography dictated the layout of different spaces. The architect decided to place social areas on the lower levels and private areas on the upper. A central steel-and-concrete terrace runs along the center of the property and connects its different volumes while also providing cover for a large, lower-level stone courtyard.

The brick, concrete, and steel all figure in the residence’s design scheme and appear to seamlessly integrate into the wide-open, minimalist interior, where large windows illuminate its many spaces for socializing, recreation, and relaxation. Though it’s a sleek home, its layout is complex and may require a little parsing, so head on over to Dezeen for more.