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Update: zero people have contributed to the Indiegogo to buy Tom Ford’s ranch

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Guys, what’s going on? Don’t you want to pay $97,000 for a one-week hotel stay?

Shortly after Tom Ford — previously best known as a fashion designer and film director, now best known as the guy who owns a $75 million Tadao Ando-designed New Mexico ranch — listed his Tadao Ando-designed New Mexico ranch, a man named Ben Gold, who saw the house on the internet, did what anyone in his situation would do and created an Indiegogo campaign to raise $75,660,000 to buy the property. ($75 million for the home, $660,000 to start paying the staff.)

So, far he has raised zero dollars, despite the fact that the campaign includes prizes like a one-week stay at the ranch, which you could win buy donating a mere $97,000, and also no other prizes, that’s the only one.

What’s going on, guys? Don’t you want to pay not quite $100,000 to stay one week in a really nice house? This seemed so foolproof.

The campaign still has about a month left if you all change your minds. We’ll keep checking in.

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