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There is a luxury hotel in Antarctica

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No more having to stay in those run-down Antarctican motels when we visit

Great news for everyone who has to travel to Antarctica all the time for business, or because that’s where your in-laws live and your penguin spouse insists on visiting them twice a year: there is now a luxury hotel there, and it looks really, really nice.

The White Desert camp, which has actually been around for a decade, recently got an overhaul that took it from regular old Antarctican hotel to luxury Antarctican hotel. The renovation includes six heated fiberglass domes, with Saarinen chairs, fur throws, and en suite bathrooms. There’s also a luxurious dining room, a luxurious library lounge, a luxurious round-trip flight from Cape Town, and, of course, the luxurious wilderness to explore. (Parkas are complementary, if you forgot yours.)

An eight or 11-day stay costs $72,000, so you might as well go for the 11-day one. Also, you can only travel to inner Antarctica in November and December.

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