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Prefab farmhouse makes way for family of five in idyllic countryside

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It’s in a small town outside of Basel, Switzerland, and it’s lovely

We’ve written about modern prefab homes of a variety of scales—and aesthetics, with companies like Muji getting in on the action—but rarely do we come across prefab updates of traditional architectural styles. Outside of Basel, Switzerland, local firm HHF Architects has brought prefab fever to the central European nation’s idyllic countryside with a prefabricated farmhouse with a gabled roof and timber frame.

Designed for a family of five, House C, as it’s known, is two stories, and rises on a parcel in the town of Ziefen, Switzerland. Centered on a concrete staircase that’s one-part circulatory structure, one-part load-bearing support, the house includes a master bedroom, children’s rooms, and an open living room that leads out to a sheltered porch and garden.

Custom construction lends the house a few special design touches, like the blinds on most of the windows and doors that can modulate levels of sunlight in interior spaces and help, of course, to provide the occupants privacy. To boot, the home has a built-in solar array system on its roof, which helps provide power to the (relatively) humble dwelling, which clocks in at 205 square meters, or a little over 2,200 square feet.

Take a look and around and see more photos over at Designboom.