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White interiors make different statements in Asian versus European homes

Which style do you prefer?

Love it or hate it, the spare, white interior trend is here to stay. But we’ve noticed that white walls can be used to make a statement in more ways than one. Take our fondness for minimalist Asian homes and revamped European flats: While both styles are explicitly design-minded, Asian residences tend to use white—often accented with natural wood—to highlight the openness of a space, while European dwellings employ it to elevate architectural elements.

Well, that’s what we’ve noticed, at least. Though there are many variables to consider—location, availability of materials, budgets, etc.—here are six homes (three from either style) we’ve recently covered that attempt to advance our highly unscientific premise. Let us know which style you prefer in the comments below.

Renovation honors the historic and rings in the new in Lisbon

Molding and other details pop in this Lisbon flat thanks to its pristine white finish.

Inside a 1600s Oil Mill Turned Dreamy Italian Country House

The arches of the whitewashed stone walls of this converted oil mill in Puglia, Italy majestically preside over the space.

Compact London Flat Gets Adorable, Modern Update

Bright white walls turn this compact London apartment into a blank canvas for delightfully colored details.

Airy Home in Taiwan is Split into Multiple Levels to Maximize Light

In Taiwan, warm wood and white walls serve to further open up this cozy multi-level home.

Compact Home in Japan Looks Enchanting With Arches and Curves

The curves of this Japanese home get a nice touch of swooping upward movement from the brightening effects of white paint.

Using Natural Wood to Open up an Apartment and Make It Look Bigger

Belgian timber lines the otherwise white walls in this Hong Kong flat to add depth to an expansive, open-plan space.