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Iconic Syndey Opera House is getting an acoustic upgrade

Enhancing the sounds of one of the world’s most recognized performing arts spaces

While the billowing white facade of the Sydney Opera House remains one of the world’s most iconic works of architecture, the building’s interior acoustics are some of the worst in the country. But all that’s about to change. The World Heritage Site is set to undergo a $200 million renovation including massive improvements to the concert hall’s acoustics.

The changes include a set of innovative acoustic drapes and stage risers, both with automated control to optimize the hall’s sound for different types of performances and configurations. Custom acoustic panels will also be installed along with a surround-sound system and quieter air-conditioning.

In addition to the building’s acoustic improvements, it will also be made more accessible with 26 added wheelchair seating areas and more elevators. A digital art wall, refurbished entry area, lounge, event space, and "creative learning centre" are also on the docket. Taken altogether, the work will comprise the largest changes made to the building’s interior since its opening in 1973.

The original building was designed by Danish architect Jørn Oberg Utzon and is largely credited with his Pritzker Prize win in 2003. The interior upgrades for Utzon’s masterwork are set to kickoff in 2019 for completion in 2021, just two years before the building’s 50th anniversary in 2023.

Source: Architect’s Newspaper