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Out of the box: Sustainable lighting system made out of its own packaging

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A Dutch designer created a nearly zero-waste lamp that cannibalizes its own cardboard tubing.

Cardboard has become a versatile material for contemporary designers, showing up again and again in the form of furniture, housing, and the buildings of Shigeru Ban. Now, the R16 lamp designed by Amsterdam-based studio Waarmakers cleverly cannibalizes its own cardboard packaging to create a sly statement about sustainability.

Contained within the tube is string, a pair of cork stoppers to secure the string, eye screws to affix to your ceiling, and a fluorescent light. The user need only pull off a pre-cut strip of cardboard, run the light’s cord through two holes, and attach the plug before it’s ready to hang. A pencil is used to secure the fluorescent bulb within its cardboard housing.

Lest you’re turned off by the thought of hanging a dirty, mail-scarred tube in your space, the cardboard cylinder arrives wrapped in a protective layer of craft paper.

The design comes in either black or naturally colored cardboard and costs €199.95.

Source: Design Indaba