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Luxury glamping tent lets you go off-grid anywhere

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Though it looks pretty darn good on a California cliff

Sitting on a scenic cliff in northern California, this high-end, off-grid tent is further proof that "glamping" is here to stay—as long as there are people willing to shell out for the experience. Designed by noted SoCal architect Harry Gesner, the cocoon-like structure is the latest installed design from Autonomous Tent, a California-based startup that wants to make luxury camping possible anywhere in the world.

The 700-square-foot dwelling, erected has part of a glamping resort in the beautiul Big Sur, doesn’t have a foundation but has been engineered to withstand hurricane winds and heavy snow loads. The structure is made of curved metal ribs covered by high-tech, rot-resistant fabric, all on top of a wooden raised deck. Inside, the soaring living space includes a bathroom with a full shower and composting toilet, and a small wood-burning stove. When needed, a system of solar panels, solar water heater panels, and greywater system can allow the home to go fully off the grid. And the cost for a finished Cocoon tent? That’ll be $100,000, please.