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Which Mars neighborhood do you want to live in?

Better chose now, before they start to gentrify

Earth cities are too crowded, smelly, and filled with chain restaurants. And yet, we live in them because we have no choice. But not for long, because soon (everything being relative) all the cool people are going to move to Mars.

Consider the evidence: We have space lettuce. People are designing Mars houses. Buzz Aldrin thinks it’s a good idea. Elon Musk is on the verge of revealing "something that would be effective for establishing a city on Mars" that he think is "going to sound pretty crazy." You can doubt all you want, but before you know it we’re going to be eating green bacteria in our new Mars houses.

All that to say, NASA just released over 1,000 photos of the surface of Mars, giving us our first opportunity to check out all of the diverse and interesting Mars neighborhoods and decide which one we want to live in. Let’s take a look.

Tharsis Region Fissure

Affordable and charming, Tharsis Region Fissure is lacking in food options, and water options, but includes great amenities like open areas for kids to play and Mars cultural institutions like that one big rock. Not a lot of transportation options, so you’ll need a car or a rover. No breathable air.

Landforms at West End of Her Desher Vallis

Landforms at West End of Her Desher Vallis (known as LAWEOHDV, to locals) is great for the outdoorsy types. Lots of hiking opportunities, lots of craters to fall into. No breathable air.

Steep Slopes

Great views, no food, no water, no breathable air.

Terrain Near Peneus Patera

Terrain Near Peneus Patera would be perfect if it wasn’t for the schools, which don’t exist. Great rocks and dirt options, however.

Atlantis Chaos

No breathable air, but just about the coolest name a neighborhood has ever had.