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Ambitious plan will ban new fossil-fuel cars in the Netherlands

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It’ll begin in 2025 (if the measure passes in October)

Here’s an ambitious plan: The Netherlands is considering banning new gas- and diesel-fueled cars starting in 2025. Though the initial motion, which was brought by the ruling Labor Party in March, called for a ban on all such cars, it was modified to be less severe and apply only to the sale of new traditional cars.

If the proposal passes in October, this will mean that all new vehicles sold in the country must be electric- or hydrogen- powered and cannot run on any fossil fuels. Traditional cars that are still being used at that point will be allowed to remain on the road.

Dutch politician (and member of the Labor Party) Jan Vos believes this measure, which has already passed through the lower parliament and is likely to become law, is crucial for the environment: "We need to phase out CO2 emissions and we need to change our pattern of using fossil fuels if we want to save the Earth."

But, according to Vos, the ban won’t be realistic until electric vehicles become more affordable for the average consumer. He says, "Transportation with your own car shouldn’t be something that only rich people can afford."

Perhaps Tesla (and all its goals) will be able to make that a reality with its much-hyped Model 3, rolling out in 2017?