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This knockout modern house hugs the coastline, frames ocean views in Costa Rica

It’s the work of local architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe

As the dog days of summer march on (and signal the season’s impending end), the gorgeous tropical vacation homes keep on comin’. Earlier this week, we wrote about this compact concrete indoor-outdoor home in Argentina and now come photos of this dreamy holiday home in Costa Rica by local architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe.

Dubbed the Ocean Eye House, the spacious pad rises two stories on a site along the country’s coastline, lending the dwelling its name. A series of shutter-like wooden doors along the facade allow the clients to close the house to the elements or embrace the sun and breeze—and make quick work of an escape into the pool on the grounds.

Inside, clean-lined, open-plan spaces unfurl from one to the next, largely unencumbered by partitions, where exposed black-metal framework and warm wood floors, ceilings, and accents play point-counterpoint.

This isn’t the first time we’ve fawned over a design by Benjamin Garcia Saxe: We’ve written about the ingenuity of the designer’s $40,000 shipping container home and the "floating" retreat Saxe created (both also in Costa Rica) and that you can rent if you’ve got $3,370 to spend in a week.

Take a look at all the photos over on Dezeen.