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This Las Vegas house has the best nuclear bunker of all time

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How many nuclear bunkers could accurately be described as fun?

Earlier this week, we came across a house for sale in Ontario with a nuclear bunker and a cool backstory behind that nuclear bunker. Now, the images of another nuclear bunker are making their way around the internet, the difference between them being that this bunker, unlike basically every other bunker in existence, is fun.

3970 Spencer Street in Las Vegas, Nevada is, unfortunately, not on the market, having been last purchased in 2014 by a mysterious group called the Society for the Preservation of Near Extinct Species, who paid $1.15 million after the house was foreclosed on (original asking price: $8 million). That doesn’t mean that we can’t still marvel at the pictures of the bunker, which businessman Girard Henderson had constructed in 1978, 26 feet below the ground, with swimming pools, a sauna, a garden, fountains, waterfalls, a mini golf course, and a grill. (We cannot imagine that the ventilation is good enough that using the grill is recommended, but it does exist.)

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