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Inside a couple's compact, self-built holiday home for rent in Scotland

It’s part of a cluster of three homes designed by Rural Design

Though this 30-square-meter, or 323-square-foot, compact holiday home located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland is not quite a tiny house, its ethos certainly is. Designed by local architects Alan Dickson and Gill Smith of Rural Design for Nicholas Middleton and Kate Prentice for their vacation home rental business, Fiskavaig Studio is the third building in a cluster of homes designed by Rural Design.

The other two, Hen House and Blackhouse, were built by contractors or else project-managed by the Middleton and Prentice, but Fiskavaig Studio was designed entirely as a self-build project. While the couple wanted the new addition to fit into the rugged landscape and complement the other two, they didn’t want it to be a "copy."

The result is a mono-pitched house with corrugated siding that nods to the timber cladding of the Hen House. Inside, OSB, or oriented strand boards, make up the walls of the minimal space, while larch wood lines the floors. A two-meter (6.6 feet) wide kitchen, bathroom, bedroom with built-in king bed, wood-burning stove, and small deck round out the space.

The entire build took about a year and cost about £1,000 per square meter, with the final cost clocking in at £34,000, or around $45,000. The process was chronicled on the couple’s blog and is available to rent. Have a look below.