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Tiny house pioneer downsizes from 84 square feet to 56 square feet like it’s no big deal

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Dee Williams is going tinier

Since 2004, an 84-square-foot backyard dwelling in Olympia, Washington has served as the primary residence of tiny house early adopter Dee Williams. In the subsequent years, she’s evangelized the DIY downsizing lifestyle at workshops and conferences, in a memoir and National Building Museum exhibition, and through Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD), a tiny house educational resource and consultancy that offers plans for some pretty rad designs.

You might think that after spending more than a decade living in and talking about the "Kozy Kabin" (her self-built Tumbleweed model that’s been toured in person by thousands and virtually by millions) Williams would be a bit tired of the whole thing and perhaps ready for something more normal. Not quite.

This fall, after taking "Kozy Kabin" to the second annual "Tiny House Jamboree" in Colorado Springs, where she’ll be the keynote speaker, Williams will be passing along her original tiny house to her nephew Jonathan, a recent college graduate. As for Williams, she’ll be moving into "Jolene," a 56-square-foot tiny house built in 2014 as her temporary shelter in Portland, Oregon.

It seems that all that makes up this house, which will be relocated to Olympia in a few months, are bench seating, a kitchenette, and some windows. Williams plans to DIY a toilet and other details after she moves in.

Is this tiny house living taken to its logical extreme? Is it even possible to stay there full-time? Stay tuned—Williams be documenting it all on PAD.

Below, check out a video of William's original tiny house and a few peeks at the newer, tinier one.