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This camping kitchen fits in the back of your truck

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Now you can bring the kitchen sink

Forget subpar camping meals, the Scout Overland Kitchen means that you can have a full cooking and cleanup setup from the back of your Toyota 4Runner or Tacoma. First seen on Outside Magazine, the kitchen pulls out of drawers to reveal an organized space for a stove, cutting board, cooking utensils, plenty of expandable prep surfaces, and a 2.5-gallon water tank. The tank powers running water and a sink, making camp cleanup a cinch.

According to Scout Equipment, the whole unit can be setup or taken down in seconds and the company can also customize the system to add more storage drawers or a refrigerator. The cook and prep surfaces are made from antimicrobial, easy to clean, and durable plastic, while the drawers feature Russian Baltic Birch Plywood with heavy duty stainless steel hardware. The Overland Kitchen doesn’t come cheap, but the $5,500 price tag is a steal compared to the luxury adventure vans out there.