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World's tallest and thinnest observation tower opens in England this week

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It’s also the world’s first vertical cable bar

The first ever vertical cable car—and controversial structure—is set to open on Thursday, August 4 on the West Pier of the Brighton seafront in England. Billed the "world’s tallest moving observation tower," the British Airways i360, which was conceived and designed by the same firm behind the London Eye, Marks Barfield Architects, takes passengers up 450 feet in a glass and steel "donut" pod and offers up 360-degree views extending up to 26 miles of Brighton and the coastline.

The i360’s pole has a diameter of only 3.9 meters, or 12.8 feet, at its widest point, with a height-to-width ratio of 40:1, which also makes it the thinnest observation tower in the world. The glass pod measures 18 meters, or 59 feet, in diameter and can accommodate up to 200 passengers at a time. There is also a visitors center dubbed the Beach Building at its base that features a 400-seat restaurant, gift shop, children’s play area, and exhibition and event space.

The i360 cost £42.2 million, or approximately $56 million, and is part of a £1 billion plan to revitalize the city’s seafront district. Tickets are available for purchase through the website. Watch a drone video from Dezeen below.