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Here it is: The Shed of the Year

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It seems like only yesterday that they were crowning last year’s shed

The 2016 Cuprinol Shed of the Year is a real annual contest that is aired on BBC’s Channel 4 and apparently attracted thousands of viewers this year, who tuned in to watch Kevin Herbert’s Berkshire shed take home the top prize.

Herbert’s shed is called West Wing, and unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) it is not a miniature version of the executive section of the White House wing, nor an homage to the NBC political drama. It is, however, made from 90% recycled materials and is basically a fun little apartment. It also took home the Eco Prize.

The shed will reign for the next year, walking into all the top shed restaurants without a reservation, getting into the VIP sections of the chicest shed nightclubs, attracting hordes of shed groupies, and eventually flying too close too the sun, developing a shed drug problem, checking into rehab, and retiring to live a quiet life storing gardening tools.

Eco-shed wins the Shed of the Year competition [Tree Hugger]