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Florist couple’s minty ‘30s bungalow embodies eclectic charm

Complete with a turtle and a couple of flamingos

Over on The Design Sponge, they’ve got a tour of the cutest little mint-colored bungalow in all the land. Decorated in a mix of styles—industrial! Americana! Scandinavian!—the ‘30s Florida home belongs to Melissa and Sean Stevenson, a florist couple who lives and works out of the space. Houseplants are everywhere, of course.

The home studio, headquarters of the pair’s floral shop Kaleidoscope especially stands out—and not just because of all the floral arrangements on display. When the Stevensons purchased the place, they stripped back all of the rooms’s wall and ceiling paneling, opting for an authentic rustic look. The rest of the home is filled with Ikea and World Market finds, taxidermy and art courtesy of grandparents, and more. Get the full story and gallery at Design Sponge.