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Revamped ’20s home uses versatile woodwork to spotlight old and new

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The four-story is located in Zurich

This renovation in Zurich showcases how different uses of wood can work together to establish a home that is both traditional and modern. Swiss architect Rafael Schmid took on the task of refurbishing his own home, which was originally built by another Swiss architect, Hans Bernoulli, in 1927 as part of an affordable housing development.

To get back to the original character of the four-story house, Shmid had to chip away at many layers, at which point it became clear that he should highlight the work he had done instead of masking it with further renovations. He decided to preserve the original herringbone-patterned parquet floors in a few rooms including the living area and children’s room, but laying down bare floorboards in other parts of the house and using a light grey stone-type material in the kitchen.

Chipboard is also employed throughout the residence, most notably in the kitchen as a backsplash, and in closet doors. Otherwise, the home features all-white walls, cabinetry, and furniture, creating a refreshing contrast between the old and new. Head to Dezeen for the full story.