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Charming artist’s studio in Paris lets you live the bohemian life you always wanted

On the street where Henri Matisse once lived

This quaint yet quirky artist’s studio in Paris promises a dramatic double height ceiling, an entirely glazed wall, and visions of the bohemian lifestyle you always wanted. Located in the 14th arrondissement on the famous Villa-d'Alésia street, where artists Henri Matisse and Auguste-Leroux once lived, the 81-square-meter (or 872-square-foot) two story residence features a versatile living area on the ground floor and a whimsical mezzanine level on the second.

The first floor can be arranged into different configurations to suit your every mood—as a cafe, salon, workspace, or a combination of all three—while the upper floor boasts a library and an attic-style bedroom. The kitchen is located on a veranda, which opens onto a charming cobblestone courtyard—and all the possibilities the city has to offer. It’s available for €810,000, or $917,000. To learn more, head to Patrice Besse.

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