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Sculptural Japanese kindergarten conceals old timber skeleton

And it’s adorable

Today in awesome-kindergartens-in-Japan, Beijing-headquartered firm MAD Architects uses curious spaces rather than, say, oodles of primary colors, to convey a sense of playfulness. Underneath the sculptural, curvaceous skin—a small-scale exploration of MAD’s otherworldly, Zaha-esque forms—are the timber remains of the two-story building originally on site. This structure then allows two levels of classroom space surrounded by thin wooden columns and beams, as well as a ramped mini reading ampitheater above the wooden roof.

Wrapped in pure white asphalt shingles, the newly completed kindergarten, MAD’s first project in Japan, also embraces windows of varying shapes and sizes, creating cool little nooks at certain moments. And at one corner, the building’s second floor is directly connected to an outdoor play area via, what else, a long, white slide. Take a closer look, below.