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New Danish collection features covetable minimalist homewares and furnishings

Ferm Living’s Subtle Dwelling collection will be available beginning in September

Ferm Living, Danish design company and purveyor of covetable Scandinavian goods, has unveiled its new autumn and winter collection. Dubbed Subtle Dwelling, the collection features minimalist furniture and homeware pieces in deep, dusty hues of burgundy, navy, aqua, and rose. In other words, bookmark this store if you’re looking for a one-stop, chic-making shop.

Browsing the wares you’ll find graphic tea towels, cushions, prints, and rugs, simple stools and chairs, customizable lighting and table-top-and-trestle systems, blown glassware, cast iron candle holders, and much more. Though the items are uncomplicated, they possess enough statement power to elevate a space while simultaneously making it appear effortless.

One of the standout pieces is a glass cabinet on thin legs called Haze that is made from powder-coated metal and textured armored glass. Part medicine cabinet, part display case, the three-tiered shelving unit offers a sleek alternative to standard, solid storage options and would look equally great in a bathroom or a living area.

The collection’s matte porcelain espresso cups, ribbed carafe and matching glasses, and sculptural vases would find a nice resting place in the cabinet, and undoubtedly in yours as well. Subtle Dwelling made its debut at the Northmodern design festival in Copenhagen earlier this month.