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9 modern quilts to help you transition from summer to fall

Warm yet breathable

When it comes to bedding, transitioning seasons can be a tricky time, the summer-to-fall period most definitely so. Is that heatwave coming back? Is it time to put away the A/C and bring out the wool blankets? During this period of uncertainty, your best bet is something as versatile as the season is fickle. We’re talking about summer quilts...that work great well into the fall.

Made of breathable materials like cotton, linen, and bamboo, summer quilts will let you sleep cool for whatever’s left of summer sans A/C and warm enough as autumn sets in. They’ll be good for quite a bit if you reside in a more moderate climate, but if it does get much chillier, they can easily be thrown over the duvet for extra warmth and character, or used for snuggling on a couch or armchair.

Below, we round up some fab designs for sale right now, all sporting designs that add add some modern flair, whether subtly or with a bold statement.

Brooklinen, Summer-Weight Quilt in Turquoise Lorimer, $279

Coming in generously sized in Queen and King fits, these 100 percent cotton quilts are hand-stitched by Indian artisans using a traditional weaving method called “kantha”—also available in black and navy, as well as a more textured “Graham” style.

Rad & Happy, Modern Multi-Colored Triangle Quilt, $425

Each quilt from this Huntington Beach, California-based crafter is handmade and to-order. This design is also available in a smaller toddler size.

b.perrino, “Elbow Room” Graphic Modern Quilt, $82.50

Now on sale, this smaller-sized quilt is perfect for a design-savvy baby or pet.

Meg Callahan for Hawkins New York, Knot Queen Quilt, $450

Inspired by “sailor’s knots and the sprawling skies of the American West,” this handmade quilt is definitely a statement piece whether in red, grey, or blue.

Louise Gray, Queen Quilt No. 1, $575

Made of 100 percent cotton and linen, this square quilt is handcrafted by artisans in Minneapolis.

Hamabi Design, Biarritz Patchwork Quilt, $185.77

This cotton-and-bamboo modern patchwork quilt is handmade in a small workshop in Barcelona, Spain, but ships worldwide.

S.D. Evans, “Community”, $1,100

Featuring both handwoven and machine-pieced elements, as well as hand-painted and hand-dyed cotton, this intricate quilt is like a piece of art.

Haptic Lab, City Quilts, $450

These hand-stitched urban map quilts are for city lovers and folks who want to show off their hometown pride in a more subtle way (the Los angeles version is shown above.)

VESSELquilts, Welded Quilt, $650

A closer look at this large handmade quilt will reveal rad print and stitching details in addition to the striking graphic pattern.