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Artist's minimalist paintings of domestic interiors aim to unsettle the viewer

The exhibition is called "Bloc"

In her debut solo exhibition at Griffin Gallery in London, Hungarian artist Zsofia Schweger presents minimalist paintings of domestic spaces in a show titled "Bloc." Created during-a six month Griffin Art Prize residency, the colorful but spare tableaux show the interior spaces of the home she grew up in Sandorfalva, Hungary and convey a "sense of both comfort and alienation," as the curatorial notes explain.

The exhibition’s title is a play on the political implications of the Eastern Bloc and the word itself, which can be used to describe her paintings. Talking to Wallpaper, Schweger, who was born in 1989 (the same year the Berlin Wall fell) and remembers the growth of capitalism, says that she likes "the playfulness of the word ‘bloc,’" and that in her work, "three-dimensional blocks of furniture" are "flattened out into two-dimensional blocks of colors."

Indeed, the quietly meditative paintings remind the viewer just how psychological physical spaces can be—especially when rendered in two-dimension. The exhibit runs through September 30th.