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Ceiling murals and bathroom statues abound in this Texas mansion

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A classic of the Over The Top Texas Mansion school of architecture and design

If you are as big a fan of completely over the top, enormous Texas mansions as we are (which is unlikely, but you’re welcome to try) you will very much enjoy this five-bedroom, nine-bedroom home in The Woodlands.

Priced at a hair over $6 million, it contains all the hallmarks of a Big Texas Mansion. Does it have ceiling murals? You bet it has ceiling murals. Are there statues just sitting all over the place? Over course there are statues just sitting all over the place. Is there a star pattern inlaid in the marble foyer? Uh huh. Is the entrance guarded by twin lion statues? Come on. Would we even be wasting your time if the entrance was not guarded by twin lion statues?

Does it have a wood paneled Serious Businessman Office? Well, actually, no. It has two wood paneled Serious Businessman Offices.

This is a good Big Texas Mansion.

205 Grogans Point Rd The Woodlands, TX 77380 [Redfin]