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7 midcentury modern homes you can buy right now

From California to Connecticut and everywhere in between

The market seems to be flush with gorgeous midcentury modern homes, popping up all over the country from California to Connecticut and everywhere in between. The midwest is particularly hot for them, and with prices starting at the low-end of the spectrum, they serve to remind us that a well-designed home does not have to come with a hefty price tag.

Here are seven of our favorite midcentury moderns still on the market today.

1. This 1958 three-bedroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma was designed by Donald Honn and features a stone exterior, gorgeous wood-paneled ceilings, and terrazzo floors. It’s asking $449,000.

2. Designed by Robert Graf in 1966, this 4,000-square-foot jewel box in Wilton, Connecticut features an incredible, entirely glazed wall that looks out onto a gunite pool and lush woodlands. It’s available for $1,780,000.

3. This 1960 home by Donald Wexler located in Coachella Valley, California boasts a groovy circular living room with custom semicircular sofa and killer Mad Men vibes. It asks $669,990.

4. This Boston beauty was built in 1954 by Carl Koch (best known as the "Grandfather of Prefab) features an expansive living room with vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows and 1.5 acres of land. It’s on the market for $849,000.

5. This quirky construction in Chanhassen, Minnesota features graphic, geometric elements, a 100-foot-long glass wall, and 4.3 acres of secluded land, all for $549,900.

6. Located in Forth Worth, Texas, this A. Quincy Jones-designed 1950 residence is all geometry, with a diamond-shaped dining area, circular walnut library, and otherwise trapezoidal rooms. Yours for $1,350,000.

7. This Cliff May-designed home in Long Beach, California was built in 1954 and features a pitched, exposed-beam ceiling, fireplace, built-in shelving, and a yard. It’s available for $729,000.

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