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New home decor collection has playful objects for kids and adults alike

It’s called Stuff, and it’s by designer Andrew Neyer

Stuff is a collection of vibrant and playful home decor objects—for adults and kids alike—by Cincinnati-based artist and designer Andrew Neyer. Combining wit and functionality, the pieces, ranging from lighting to candleholders to catch-alls, add a touch of bright, graphic whimsy to any room.

The collection features an adorable selection of lamps and pendants shaped as a yo-yo, barbell, fish, and mouse. The latter two are night-lights that are activated by being "petted," and their cords double as a prop, acting as a tail for the mouse, and a fishing line for the fish.

The Combdelabra is—you guessed it—a candelabra in the shape of a comb, with black candles making up the comb’s teeth. The Cactus Catchall is, again, just what it sounds like: A wall-mounted storage unit shaped like a cactus whose spikes act as hooks for all manner of hangable objects. And if you’ve ever wished for a napkin holder shaped like a book, there’s the Napkin Novel, a bent steel "cover" that stores napkins as if they were pages in your favorite story.

All these pieces and more are available on Neyer’s website. What’s your favorite?