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Portable air conditioner predictably raises a ton of money on Kickstarter

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Yup, this all seems about right

There are two things that we know to be true in this world.

1. It is so hot outside and there is no end in sight.

2. People love to buy cool looking air conditioners on Kickstarter. (See also: the Geizeer cooling box, and the Noria window unit.)

Neither of those ideas is in any way challenged by the already wildly succesful Kickstarter campaign of Zero Breeze, a portable air conditioning unit that has already raised $280,311 and counting with 37 days to go. The device, the self-described "World’s First Portable, Smart, Multifunctional Air Conditioner," quadruples as a bluetooth speaker, a night light, and a smartphone charging station, because why not. The first 200 already sold out at $349 and now you can get them for $389 apiece. (It’s a lot more if you want one with a battery, however.)

Here are a couple photos of some very chill models enjoying the effects of the Zero Breeze.

Zero Breeze - The World’s Coolest Portable Air Conditioner [Kickstarter]