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New furniture collection shows off 'wild minimalism' of Georgian design duo

Expect the unexpected

What does it mean to create something that is both minimalist and off-kilter, spare in its construction but also dynamic and unexpected? This is the question that Georgian designers Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia attempt to address with their collection of tables, seating, and consoles.

Calling it "Wild Minimalism," the duo behind Rooms, a Tbilisi-based multi-disciplinary interior and product design studio, crafted pieces that incorporate brass, stone, wood, and glass in designs that marry the graphic and archaic in surprising ways.

A round console table looks traditional enough—until, that is, you peer below the mirrored top to find a base shaped like a staircase anchored by a perpendicular stone wedge (cost $7,500). A metal-topped coffee table is pierced by a rhomboid cube in brass, which sits against the edge of a saw-toothed block of stone ($6,300).

For seating, Rooms offers a black rough-hewn, blocky handmade timber armchair with straight, high backrests whose corners are accented by Mickey Mouse ear-like posts ($5,400). A simple white cushion trimmed in black piping adds a little soften, and a pair of the chairs can be combined to form a primitive sofa.

All of the pieces can be found at The Future Perfect design store in New York. Rooms, which was founded in 2007, is considered the first Georgian product design studio.