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New digital house manual works like video Post-It notes for guests

Ping uses mobile tech to make it easier for home-sharing hosts to communicate with their visitors

Home-sharing companies like Airbnb and HomeAway are expected to nearly double their number of users by 2020, so it’s no surprise that creative designers are now catering to the niche needs of hosts and their guests.

The latest offering is Ping, a digital home guide that guests can access on their smartphones. Designed by recent Royal College of Art grad Kristian Knobloch, the interactive instructions are activated by touching the phone to a series of room-specific NFC pads. Each one opens a section of the manual relating to that space.

In the kitchen, for instance, the module might unlock a section about what foods are up for grabs or how to operate the persnickety microwave or a complicated TV system.

The notes can also be used to recommend nearby attractions or eateries to out-of-town guests.

The informative messages can take the form of text, voice recording, or video—all created by the homeowner. But if there are any lingering questions, guests can also use thePing app to text or call their host.