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At Chinese coworking space, tired workers get monkey bars and oxygen cells

Breathe free, work hard at new Shanghai workspace.

A certain subset of office designers have always believed that unorthodox creative spaces are better at engaging the brain and invigorating workers. Now, Chinese coworking company Fountown is getting in on the action with a "farmland" inspired office concept intended to cultivate happy, healthy workers.

Designed by architecture firm Vermilion Zhou, the new, nearly 26,000-square-foot Shanghai space features natural wood ceilings, built-ins, and accents. Large fake trees dominate the reception area and meeting rooms, and most of the floor space in covered in a mossy green carpet.

The space gets a good deal of natural light, enhanced by strategic placement of mirrors and diffusion film. Oh, and the hallway just off Fountown’s yoga room is covered with smooth river peddles.

On the stranger side of the design is a set of ceiling-suspended monkey bars and a trio of differently sized "oxygen cells." These pods provide an oxygen-rich escape for workers to "recover and take a short break any time."

Source: PSFK